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Fragrance Guide

Our six fragrances are made from bio-based ingredients and include upcycled materials and essential oils with traceable ingredients.

Cherry Blossom & Vanilla

Drifting scents of cherry blossoms are intertwined with almond, orange, and Madagascan vanilla.

Ginger & Turmeric

Notes of spicy ginger and Timur pepper from Nepal get an intriguing twist with turmeric and orange scents.

Lavender & Cypress

Aromatic French lavender is woven with the scents of lemon, cedarwood, and cypress essential oils.

Tomato Leaf & Basil

A lush garden with Egyptian Basil and notes of fresh tomato leaf and cloves.

Incense & Myrrh

A deep, aromatic blend of myrrh from Namibia, sweet woods, and a touch of orange fragrance.

Black Currant & Rose

Black Currants harvested from France add subtle tartness to classic rose scent and cedarwood essential oil.