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Home Inspiration® from Yankee Candle® is here with scents for every occasion.

Treat yourself or find the ultimate crowd pleasing gift that says you truly care.

Available to buy in selected supermarkets and retailers.

Explore our 10 Everyday Fragrances

Soft Cotton

So fresh and airy… the clean, comforting scent of soft, fluffy towels just out of the dryer.

Pomegranate Coconut

A fragrance that takes you to faraway beaches and fresh fruit cocktails.

Vanilla Frosting

Notes of the creamy, sugary confection will surround you with sweet dreams whenever you like.

White Linen & Lace

There's an enchanting beauty and elegance in the notes of white flowers.

Pink Island Sunset

Notes of tropical fruits and citrus will have you thinking of gentle trade winds and full, pink sunsets stretching the horizon.

Stony Cove

Serenity… a quiet place by the water filled with the scents of sweet orange flower and white musk.

Sugared Blossom

A decadent masterpiece - scents of colourful blossoms sparkling with sugar crystals, placed upon a delicious frosted confection.

Cherry Vanilla

Sweet indulgence...a treat to savour of perfectly ripe, plump cherries and rich, creamy vanilla notes.

Cosy Up

A touch of amber, a dash of petals and lots of all things soft and comforting.

Exotic Fruits

A subtle tropical treat – mango, orange and pineapple softened with musk.

Our Product Range

Our full range of forms and fragrances are designed to turn everyday moments into reasons to celebrate. Whatever you're into, we've got you covered.

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